EMT Exam For Dummies, plus Firefighter Mastery

  $ 39.99

Prepare for your EMT Exam Anywhere, Anytime

Career opportunities are abundant for certified EMTs, and this straightforward guide increases your chances of scoring higher on the computer-adaptive and practical portions of the exam so you can get out in the field and dispense lifesaving medical care. EMT Exam For Dummies takes the intimidation out of the test, offering everything you need to prepare for.

The full version of EMT For Dummies includes:

• 120+ practice questions with detailed images
• 90+ critical exam topics and resources
• Two full length 120-question practice exams
• Detailed explanations of all answers
• Hundreds to tips and strategies to pass your exam
• Immediate feedback to track your progress

EMT Exam For Dummies has everything you need to succeed as an EMT and continue your training, and with an easy-to-read style and focus on the most important details, you'll be ready to pass the exam in no time!

Plus, Firefighter Mastery for a reduced price...

Firefighter Mastery allows you to efficiently study exam practice questions anytime, anywhere. Dominate your Firefighter exam. Read through each chapter and then test your knowledge with over 650 review questions.

The Full Version Includes:

• 650+ Practice Items
• 11 lessons covering Written Exam topics
• Two 100-item Practice Exams
• Psychological Test info
• Physical Ability Test info
• Firefighter career info
• Strategies for interviews
• Glossary of 150+ important terms
• In-Depth Results Tracking

Life can be challenging and stressful. Let the Firefighter Exam Mastery app help you achieve the results and career advancement you have been working so hard towards. The Firefighter Exam Mastery app will help make your future dreams a reality.

Firefighter Exam Mastery is a practice question system which will help you efficiently learn the content on the firefighter exam. It will give you a personalized progress scale. You can mark questions in four categories, ‘Know’, ‘Somewhat Know’, ‘Don’t Know’ and/or ‘Bookmarked.’ This will allow you to personalize your studies and learn your strengths and weaknesses so you can hone in on where you need some additional help/focus.

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