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With these Pharmacology Flashcards in your toolkit, preparing for the USMLE or pharmacology boards will be a breeze! As life rushes by, optimize your preparation time by using this powerful resource anywhere, anytime. Great for last-minute studying on clinical rotations, this is the perfect tool to have at your fingertips.

Organized into 11 major topics, each flashcard provides a rigorous review of key pharmacological concepts. Within each category there is a selection of clinical vignettes requiring the application of textbook knowledge to real-life scenarios. Each vignette covers a specific disease or drug with high-yield facts in italics.

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Get your best value by upgrading to the Premium Version with a one-time, in-app purchase. The Premium Version includes lifetime access to 200+ flashcards covering each of these topics:

· Anti-Bacterial Agents
· Adrenergic Agents
· Cholinergic Agents
· Central Nervous System Agents
· Cardiovascular Agents
· Hematologic Agents
· Endocrine and Metabolic Agents
· Gastrointestinal Agents
· Anti-Neoplastic Agents
· Anti-Inflammatory Agents
· General Pharmacology Principles

Written by medical students at Yale University, the information included in this resource are not only relevant, but presented in a clear and concise manner. With each prototypic drug introduced by a clinical vignette, you will be forced to think in terms of patient care instead of relying upon rote memorization. Overall, Pharmacology Flashcards by LANGE offers an intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before your exam.

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