USMLE Clinical Anatomy

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Prepare for your Clinicals Anywhere, Anytime

Boost your score and your understanding of clinically relevant anatomy with USMLE Clinical Anatomy.

This is your essential resource for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional level students of anatomy; surgical residents; and practicing clinicians in need of a comprehensive review.

The Premium version includes:

• 340+ realistic anatomic renderings & diagrams
• Detailed diagrams, illustrations & clinical photos
• Each card includes structures for identification with detailed explanations
• 340+ in depth, full-color images
• Additional information on muscle attachments, innervations & main actions
• Unlimited access to ALL anatomical categories:
• Cranial nerves, head, neck
• Thorax, abdomen, pelvis
• Back, lower limbs, and more!
• Created by experts in the medical field

The front of each card features an interactive image from Clinically Oriented Anatomy, with 5 to 10 structures indicated for identification with a detailed explanation provided on the back.

The topics include:

· Introduction
· Thorax
· Abdomen
· Pelvis and Perineum
· Back
· Lower Limb
· Upper Limb
· Head
· Neck
· Cranial Nerves

Based on the highly regarded “Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy”, these interactive cards feature descriptions of structures, concise versions of the text's clinical "Blue Boxes," and correlating images. Realistic anatomic renderings and diagrams of common medical situations complement this clinically oriented material. Information on muscle attachments, innervations, and main actions are also included.

So whether you are just beginning to hunker down and study or you are jumping the last hurdle before the USMLE or medical board exams, this will be an invaluable tool for self-assessment or last minute review.

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